League Rules:

•   All games of the league follow the Curling Canada Rules for General Play 2018-2022.
•   Games are 8 ends (2 hours long). When the buzzer sounds (25 mins before the end of the game), you finish the end you are playing and then one more.
•   Show up 10-15 min before the start of the game (4:30pm) so that you are ready to play, this will ensure an 8 end game can be played.
•   Follow good curling etiquette: Shake hands at the start of the game, when the opponent is delivering a rock stand to the side of the sheet, call your own rule infractions (such as a burnt rock).
•   Teams are encouraged to work out questions of rule infractions on their own. If a solution cannot be reached, teams should consult a PLCL board member or Nutana Curling Club employee to interpret the rules.
•  Follow the Nutana Curling Club's House Rules & Guidelines for play posted on the back of each curling sheet or in the club lobby.

Spare Rules:

•   Spares should first be used from the spare board which can be found in the “Member’s Area”, as these spares are members of the league and have paid the full spare fee.
•   Spares can be a member of another team in the league, if that team wishes to give up a player to act as a spare for another team in need.
•   If no spares from the spare board are available to play, then spares from Nutana Curling Club or external community can be asked to spare.
•   If a non-member spare (i.e. someone not on the spare board or a member of another team) is used, a $10 drop-in fee applies per game. The skip of the team using the drop-in spare is responsible to ensure the drop-in fee is paid to a member of the PLCL board by the end of the draw time on the day the spare is used. If the drop in fee is not paid by the end of the draw time, the team using the drop-in spare will receive a default loss, and the team they played will receive a default win.
•   Drop-in spares wishing to purchase a full membership in the PLCL may have their full membership fee reduced by any drop-in fees paid (but will not involve any refund). This reduction will be confirmed by the Treasurer & Membership Coordinator once the spare registers as a full member, please contact the league for registration form access if registration has closed.

Season of Play:

•    The play schedule is posted under the “Member’s Area” of our website. Ensure your team is in attendance for all scheduled games.
•   Games must be played at the scheduled times, no re-scheduled games will be allowed (i.e. no “make up games”).
•   Teams accumulate points based on their wins, losses and ties in the following format: Win: 8pts, Loss: 4pts, Tie: 6pts. Defaults are 0pts.
•   Ties are recorded as a “T” during regular league play. If time permits, a team draw to the button may be done in lieu of a tie, no sweepers. For play-downs ties are broken first with an extra end, then a team draw to the button, and if still tied after this then a skip draw to the button, no sweepers.
•   Defaults occur when a team does not show up for the game. Ties in lieu of a default are not allowed.
•   Teams with the most points in their respective pools at the end of the season are the champions of their pool. The team with the most points in the A Pool is the league champion. Each pool winner will receive a free gift from Nutana Curling Club.

Canadian Gay Curling National Play-down Rules and Guidelines:

•    Unless otherwise indicated, the PLCL will comply with the rules as stated in the Canadian Gay Curling Championship (CGCC) Guidelines, which include the current Curling Canada Rules of Play.
•   The PLCL will send a maximum of 2 teams (4 people per team) to the CGCC based on the PLCL's Order of Merit (OOM) from the previous year.
•   Teams will be comprised of players in good standing with the PLCL, of which at least 3 are full members (on a regular playing team) and the fourth person may be another full member, or registered spare of the league (having paid the full spare fee). The team submission will only be accepted if all 4 team members are in good standing at the time of the submission.
•   To be classified as having “good standing with the PLCL” all members must have completed the registration form, paid the full registration cost and curl in the current curling season. If you are concerned that you are not in good standing with the league please contact the league as soon as possible to get clarification.
•   All players of a CGCC team representing the PLCL must be a resident of Saskatchewan, valid government ID may be required.
•   If more teams than the PLCL's OOM ranking allows register for the CGCC then a double knockout playoff will occur, and the winning team(s) will represent the league.
•   A maximum of eight (8) teams will be accepted for any required PLCL play downs, on a first registered, first allowed basis.
•   Players may not be a member of more than one competing team for the CGCC event or play-downs.
•   Players who have already qualified for another city’s CGCC team are ineligible.
•   CGCC Timelines:

-       A call for interest for PLCL teams to participate in the CGCC will be emailed to members by mid-October or sooner.
-       The deadline for team submissions to be eligible for the CGCC will be no less than 2 weeks from the initial call for submissions, the deadline will be stated in the initial call for submissions.
-       If a play-down is needed to determine the team(s) the PLCL will send to the CGCC this play-down will happen the last weekend of November (if for whatever reason this date is unavailable from Nutana Curling Club, the play-down date will be announced with the call for team submissions).
-       The play-down draw will be available to competing teams once the deadline for submissions has passed.
-       Teams will be seeded to the draw in the following order:

o   Ranked order based on prior seasons play-down ranking (first placed team gets spot 1, second place spot 2, etc).
o   Followed by new team submissions ranked in order each team submission was received.

•   Although the PLCL generally only submits one or two teams (depending on the OOM) to the CGCC, if a qualifying team decides later it is unable to attend the event OR the host city invites extra teams to participate in the CGCC then the PLCL will open the ability to participate in the CGCC to the next ranked team(s) from the play-downs to compete.
•   Any teams that represents the PLCL at the CGCC must have a matching uniform, this includes, but is not limited to; black (or otherwise matching) pants, jackets and shirts.
•   The PLCL covers the cost of the CGCC registration for a four person team. But all remaining expenses including, but not limited to, travel, hotel, meals and uniforms are the responsibility of participating teams. If fundraising assistance is required a participating team can contact the league and we will be more than happy to assist the team in coordinating fundraising opportunities.


Last Updated July 31, 2019