Rock the River Cup Rules:

• The Rock the River Cup will follow the rules set forth in the Curling Canada "Rules of Curling for General Play 2018-2022".
• Unless noted below, follow all Nutana Curling Club House Rules, posted in the Nutana Curling Club lobby and ice side.
• Flip a coin to determine choice of hammer or rock colour.
• Games are 8 ends (approx. 2 hours). No buzzer/bell will be rung to signal the end of a game, please ensure games are played in the time allowed.
• If games end in a tie after 8 ends, use a single draw to the button to break the tie (with no sweeping). The single player can be any player chosen from the team, it does not have to be the skip.
• For playoffs (semi-finals and finals) an extra end will be played to break a tie first. If a tie still exists after the extra end, use a single draw to the button.
• Spares may play for a replaced team member or a position lower (i.e. If the second cannot play, the spare will take the second or lead role). Spares can be taken from the Prairie Lily supplied spare pool, or from a registered spare of the competing team. A player of another registered bonspiel team may not be a spare for a different competing team. The PLCL will work to find you a suitable spare when needed in conjunction with the Nutana Curling Club.
• If you make a double take out of opponents rocks during the game (any two rocks in play between the hog & backline of the playing end), take the Divas Double Board and hang on your score board. At the end of the draw if you have the double board you will receive a free pitcher of beer or select highballs courtesy of Divas Night Club.
• PLCL officials will be on hand to help resolve disputes.

Last updated: January 31, 2018