Welcome to the Prairie Lily Curling League a non-profit organization aimed at providing a safe and fun space for our LGBTQ2S + Straight friendly members to enjoy the sport of curling, in a friendly, non-competitive environment. If you have any questions or concerns you can message the board under the “Contact” tab where a board member will promptly get back to you.

The Prairie Lily Curling League is based out of the Nutana Curling Club and curls at 4:30pm Sundays during the regular season (Sep-Apr). To register for the league please check out the “Registration & Fees” section where you can find out prices and how many other curlers you need to form a team or be placed on a team. We also look to assist our youth curlers with financial support to register, this information can be found in the “Youth (18 and under)” area. Before the season starts we run a fundraiser and registration nights, information for these can be found under the “League Info” in the about us tab.

This league is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, sexual or gender orientation, religion, income, lifestyle, occupation, and condition of health, physical challenge or other status. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and social environment where anyone can feel comfortable and free to be their authentic self.  

"This league gave me the chance to meet people in the community, which I would have normally not had the opportunity to do. The league made it very easy to quickly make friends and socialize; I would recommend this league to new curlers who want to learn a new sport and meet new people"

- League Member