Youth Registration (18 and Under)

If you are a novice to experienced curler 18 years of age or younger the league will try to help you with financial support to be able to join. We understand that the cost of joining a curling league can seem extremely expensive for students and youth. To help you, we work with local sponsors; this will lower the cost by 50% for youth curlers. Instead of paying $265.00 /person you will pay $132.50 /person for an entire season of curling. If desired, your team will be named after the company or individual who sponsored you, you will also be encourage at the end of the season to meet the sponsors and show them your curling skills and play a couple of ends of curling with them.

If you or your company would like to sponsor a youth team please email the league at, we will be more than happy to send a letter of interest to your company or yourself and explain the benefits we are offering, in return for supporting our youth curlers. 

*Registration will open in Summer 2019.*

Note: For youth (18 and under) curlers we will automatically reduce your rate when you apply. The membership coordinator will be in contact with your team to confirm your discounted rate after your registration.